Return, Refund & Exchanges

Confirmation of your order

The placement of an order is quite simple as we do not want our customers to get confused. This involves a simple registration with the website with the help of an email/name and phone number. 

Once registered there is a confirmation mail sent to the registered email address- that comes with the welcome message.

Hence, whenever a customer places an order with us then a confirmation email is sent to them to ensure their order has been placed and will be delivered within the desired business working days.

Confirmation of shipping

Once customers have done payment towards the order they want to make then there is an email sent- as we mentioned earlier. This does involve the tracking ID delivered to the customer. Likely the order starts in processing right after the order is placed.

The order will be shipped to the registered address of the customers with us. However, we choose the normal shipping way as it becomes a cost-effective deal. In turn, it might be the case where other options might be available to you but remember they are too way expensive.

In the other case if you do not receive your parcel within the desired business days, then you can contact your near post office. The parcel which is not able to be delivered due to any reason is returned to the nearby post office. You can visit the one near to you and collect it.

APO Addresses and PO Boxes

The parcel or the delivery is made available to the APO Addresses and PO Boxes – only if you have adopted the mode or the one available at the time of your purchase.

Custom duty

Best Online Pharmacy is an online pharmacy based in India that delivers medicine to different countries. Yet it is the case where we do have to pay the desired custom duty to make good relationships.

Yet there might be some cases, where your parcel might get stuck and take around 3 weeks to relieve.

Estimated delivery time

Once your order is placed then it prepares for shipping- it might take around 24 to 48 hours. However, the time taken to deliver the product is also dependent upon the courier service. But if customs holds the order then it might take around 21 days.

Reshipment facility of the order

If your order is not shipped or is stuck due to any reason then it is sent back to Best Online Pharmacy. However, once we receive the parcel then we ensure to the desired customers about their product delivery as there are cases that might make this condition happen.

It takes more than 7 days to deliver the product.

On the other hand, if there is a wrong address mentioned.

Refund and Return policy 

Best Online Pharmacy does take concern about the return or the refund of the parcel reported by customers.

But there are certain cases that it works with.

If you have received the wrong parcel that you have not ordered.

The product you got is damaged or not in the good condition

Buyers can easily reach us to state their condition and we take the initiative to replace the order or also refund. Yet it does have to meet our criteria and hence upon implementing the policy, we do a thorough check and then get started with the process.

If you are eligible for the policy then we implement it and make you get the desired solutions.

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