Privacy Policy

We ensure everything right from start to finish and this covers everything- your data is safe with Best Online Pharmacy

Information collected by us

Whenever you are visiting Best Online Pharmacy we take down some essential information of yours. All of that information is just for record purposes and we do not use them across.

This means if we have to deliver any important notice or healthcare information then we tend to deliver it from time to time.

Customer registration with Best Online Pharmacy

When you want us to deliver or connected to you, must have to get yourself registered with us. The process is easy and all required customers to fill necessary details. This can be done either with your Gmail account, your username, phone number, or that it.

Once registered you can complete your profile- which mainly holds your name, contact details, your Mail ID, and also the payment details- through which you want to make payment.

All of these will help us and you to get started easily- for you to purchase your order and from our context towards the delivery process.

What other information

We do gather other information that mainly comes from surveys from time to time. This will eventually help us to share some extra perks with you- mainly the coupons, deals, and other features.


To make your user experience smooth and easy we do structure your internet browser which is called cookies and is known as the small files. It helps to let you determine the important information to which you want to get back.

In addition, cookies do attempt to let customers know about Best Online Pharmacy. Remember they are not meant to store any information that can be misused so you can be free from worries.

Security towards data

Best Online Pharmacy holds the strongest method to tighten the security of the customer’s information. All of the data that you store within are SSL protected and nothing will be a part of the breach. Only you can check out the required data stored with us, to begin with, your purchase, and no one else. This makes the complete cycle to be protected and hassle-free.

Necessary changes to Best Online Pharmacy policy

There might be some case or time when we can alter the policy changes. Since this is our right and we can amend any of those. It is therefore guided customers to read or visit the website if there are some changes made available to them.

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